AR.Drone mainboard overview

Top view (side with ground camera)

Top view

1: Camera, I2C bus 0 address 5d
2: I2C connectors for I2C Bus 0 arrive here
3: DRAM cache
4: Connector to navigation board, at least one serial port
5: USB driver SMSC USB3317
6: Connector to front camera, probably not an I2C device
7: External connection port with TTYS0 serial port and USB port
8: ROCm Atheros AR6102G-BM2D wireless
9: Power supply for the engines
10: Ground
11: VCC +5V

Bottom view

Bottom view

A: Power supply for the engines
B: Connector to the engine-boards
C: I2C Bus (data)
D: I2C Bus (clock)
E: 5V
F: Ground
G: I2C EEPROM CSI 24C32WI, i2c bus0, address 50
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